10 Essential Shopify Apps To Boost Your Online Store's Performance


You can perform and sell better using Shopify apps thanks to minimalist Shopify themes. They may assist you with a variety of duties, from lead capture programmes for reviews to email marketing software. Let’s check 10 essential Shopify Apps to boost your online store's performance.

10 Essential Shopify Apps 

Here is the list of 10 Essential Shopify Apps to boost Your Online Store's Performance

Omnisend Email Marketing and SMS

Over 70,000 eCommerce businesses use the well-known Shopify email marketing app Omnisend. You can use Omnisend's pre-built processes by integrating it with your eCommerce store. It helps you handle every step of the funnel, from collecting email addresses to keeping clients.

ClickPost Returns Plus

ClickPost Returns Plus is a Shopify returns tool that helps eCommerce firms track and manage online returns. It assists you in setting up and personalizing a branded portal where clients can start and follow up on returns. With ClickPost Returns Plus, you have the combined strength of automated decision-making and AI.

Klaviyo : Email Marketing & SMS

One of the more well-liked email and SMS marketing tools with minimalist shopify themes on Shopify is Klaviyo. The company Klaviyo describes itself as a platform that unifies brand-customer interactions and gives eCommerce companies ownership over consumer interactions and data. It focuses on turning first-time clients into devoted patrons.

Shopify Email

As Shopify's entry into email marketing, Shopify Email enables users to connect with their customers and uphold client-brand relationships. Beginners may use it with ease, and it enables you to make branded emails that you can distribute to subscribers. You may use this email app to send your customers newsletters as well.

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat HelpDesk

HelpCenter enables eCommerce companies to engage with customers more successfully. It makes this potential possible by providing a variety of possibilities. It provides services including Live Chat, Chat Bots, FAQ generators, Tabs, and HelpDesk tickets.

Through custom tabs, you can manage information about the product, shipping, and other topics. Orders from Shopify can be simply accessible from the HelpDesk and integrated. You may easily cancel, duplicate, or refund purchases thanks to this.

Tidio - Live Chat & Chat Bots

Tidio is an excellent software if your goal is to increase sales by improving client satisfaction and experience with your business. It enables Shopify merchants to offer customer assistance using Chatbots, Live Chat, FAQ builders, and Helpdesk.

Shopify's merchants can encourage customers to verify product availability, purchased orders, and shipping status without contacting customer service thanks to Tildio. Its ticketing system makes sure that requests are followed up on, given proper attention, and prioritised.

Popups and Upsell By Personizely

A conversion marketing toolkit called Personizely uses customised pop ups with minimalist shopify themes to gather consumer data, boost the average order value, and boost sales. With features like exit intent and Shopify email popups, it aids in turning store visitors into paying clients.

Gorgias - HelpDesk & Live Chat

By keeping your current customers, Gorgias focuses on minimising your customer acquisition costs. They assist you in doing this by enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty. You must combine all of those interactions in a single feed because consumers frequently reach your brand across many platforms.

Free Shipping Bar

You may advertise free shipping deals on your Shopify store using the Free Shipping Bar. It makes it easier to provide progressive content intending to increase the order value in the shopping cart. It enables you to persuade clients and store guests to spend more, which will boost your business's earnings.

OptiMonk-Website Personalizer

The OptiMonk tagline exhorts Shopify store owners to treat customers more like humans and less like passing traffic. They have been able to build practical and engaging pop-ups thanks to this concept, which will help you keep customers coming back for more.

Final thoughts

The market offers a wide variety of Shopify apps with minimalist Shopify themes for boosting sales. They all make the claim that they can guide your e-commerce company to the degree of success you want. If you are looking for eCommerce experts to achieve business goals, you can choose Whiley Mai.

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