Why you should use Shopify for your eCommerce store


Why you should use Shopify for your eCommerce store

Shopify is a global platform that has empowered 400,000 small business owners to sell their own brands and products online. We at Whiley Mai work mostly with Shopify for a few excellent reasons:
  1. The Shopify platform is easy to navigate for the business owners, you guys. It gives the not so tech savvy amongst you access and freedom to work on your own site. You can confidently make small changes, like price reduction, provide discount codes, publish blogs etc. without having to wait for your web developer to do it for you. (And then send you an invoice.) You can manage the day to day running effortlessly and contact your web developer only when you need something that you feel is beyond you.
  2. The flexibility for us, (the web developer) to create something unique is limitless, we can build very technical sites that look amazing and have no restriction. So if you have a crazy idea we can make it a reality, Shopify do not confuse and restrict with templates and complicated layers. If you can dream it we can create it. Best of all you still have all the access you need to run your business day to day.
  3. Shopify works seamlessly with so many other partner companies: accounting like Xero, marketplaces like eBay, shipping companies like Shipwire and marketing apps like MailChimp. You name it someone has found a way to make it easier for you to sell your products online, having everything in one place is how this all began. Shopify even have a discount code generator to make it easier for you to reward loyal customer, have flash sales and run campaigns on social media.
  4. The Shopify app for iOS and Android is amazing - you can run all aspects of your business on your smartphone. This makes it the perfect solution for all of you who are running a business on the fly, lets be honest - that is all of us. A 30 second fulfilment of an order is truly AMAZING!
  5. Whiley Mai have been using Shopify to build websites for years, building online stores for people just like you. We choose this platform as it keeps getting better. And they do it all for you, the business owner. The Shopify community is an open and sharing one - with blogs and advice freely available to help you grow your business. Check out the Shopify Guides and the Shopify Blog.

So why should i use Whiley Mai to build my Shopify store?

I know what you are thinking, if it's so great and its built for me - why do I need you guys? Well building a customised, beautifully designed and well functioning website is time consuming and complicated. Why wouldn’t you use a specialist. There is no hard and fast rule, but using a Shopify expert allows you to get on with running your business while someone else (like us) takes care of getting you up and running in the right way. Ask us… Why Whiley Mai? Go on…

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