The Benefits of working with a Copywriter who understands SEO


When it comes to eCommerce and customer conversion, connecting with your potential customers and describing your products persuasively is one of the most important parts of selling online.

Benefits of working with a SEO Copywriter

The role of a copywriter is to discover what makes your products remarkable, a person who sets the tone for all communication with your customers. A copywriter is someone who is able to sell with words to encourage a purchase. 

eCommerce copywriting comes in many forms, but is rarely discussed outside of product descriptions. A good copywriter will bring together descriptive copy for product pages, articles, about us pages, how to guides and edm’s, just to name a few.

When building or re-designing an eCommerce store, finding a copywriter to collaborate with to establish a brand personality is crucial. Persuasive copy can improve conversions, which leads to more sale.

One of the hardest things to get right as a copywriter is translating a message or explanation into clear and concise content. Not to mention, this content has to be relevant to the products in order to appear in search results.

Words are powerful and when it comes to developing your online story, there are a number of things copywriters can do to make your content stand out. It's no longer acceptable to flood pages with repetitive phrases, what matters today is having unique content that supports your SEO strategy.

So what is SEO?

SEO is the technique used to generate organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is commonly known as non-paid traffic, that will help search engines point potential visitors to your site without having to pay for an ad. Organic traffic starts and ends with SEO.

SEO is a cost effect, long term marketing strategy that all businesses should be paying attention to. Developing interesting content will create targeted traffic. This reduces the overall cost of converting a visitor into a customer, compared to paying $5 per click for someone who might not be searching for your product.

The best way to keep your SEO in good health is to conduct a 3-6 month content audit and produce regular and engaging content. Copy that is well researched and relates to your product, industry or business. This is something that can be done in-house once you have a well defined content strategy in place. A simple and regular blog is a great way to start.

If you sell iPhone cases online, for example, chances are competition is fierce. So what makes your iPhone cases unique? What materials are used in the construction? What colour variations do you sell? Where is the product designed and manufactured? Do you ship for free? 

Getting ranked #1 for the term ‘iPhone case’ is a time consuming task. Working with a experienced copywriter who understands your product and how to optimise content, will generate more traffic to your website and convert visitors into sales.

It’s scary to think how much data search engines are processing to validate search results to match your product, article or service with the right audience. Here are a few things you can do to improve your site rankings using Shopify SEO tools.

  • Edit title tags, meta descriptions and URLs for your pages
  • Edit ALT tags for all images, customisable image file names
  • Generate a sitemap.xml and robots.txt files and submit to webmaster tools
  • Avoiding duplicate content on product and collection pages

It can seem complicated at first, but just remember SEO is not a sprint it's a marathon. As your site evolves, so too will your SEO strategy so don't panic if you don't have all the answers. There is no precise out-of-the-box solution that works for every business, so if you have any questions about engaging with a copywriter or optimising your website, please contact us.

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